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WWDC Launch Date Suggests iPhone 4G Coming 7 June

Gordon Kelly


WWDC Launch Date Suggests iPhone 4G Coming 7 June

The 'Worldwide Developers' Conference' doesn't sound particularly inspiring, but every year the June event brings with it a major Apple product announcement. In recent years WWDC has become the stage for each new iPhone generation, so do we now know the exact date the infamously leaked fourth gen model will be officially unveiled?

Apple has announced WWDC 2010 will run from 7 - 11 June (quite early this time around) and with Steve's keynote opening the show it seems nailed on that's when we'll be getting some handset goodness.

Interestingly, talk is already that Apple will announce then launch the iPhone all within June. In the past it has waited until July for actual stock to hit shops, but that prototype did look close to a finished product.

On the flip side, the leak does at least suggest speculation about the handset will be kept to a minimum this year with only questions about its screen (resolution and OLED or non-OLED), capacity (64GB seems obvious) and chipset remain. Personally speaking I think a switch to Apple's A4, as seen in the iPad, is extremely likely because a) Apple likes to be in control of as much of its products' hardware and software as possible, and b) it would once more provide developers with balanced products to create apps for.

'iPhone 4G'? 'iPhone HD'? Perhaps a straight return to 'iPhone'? Who knows and, frankly, who cares as long as Apple creates a unit which takes the major strides forward the handset has lacked in recent years. After all, there's an HTC Desire to top folks, get to it Apple!


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