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WD Brings E-Ink-style E-Labels to Portable HDDs

Gordon Kelly


WD Brings E-Ink-style Labels to Portable HDDs

The best ideas are simple and after already having had one with its e-paper My Book Studio range, it would seem silly not to expand it...

Consequently the storage guru has announced its updated 'My Passport Studio' line of 2.5in external drives and knock me down with a feather: they also now feature the same 'e-label' display technology as its larger My Book counterparts (the 'E-Ink' brand is copyrighted) .

As with their predecessors, the e-label uses no power when the drive is unplugged, but will continuously display the name given to the drive, a bar showing how full the drive is for quick reference and precisely how much storage space is free to the nearest gigabyte. Handy stuff.

Aside from this the line also welcomes FireWire 800 support for the first time alongside USB 2.0 (sadly not USB 3.0) and will be able pre-formatted for Macs and compatible with TimeMachine. For PC users, a quick reformat will see them fully compatible, and - whichever side of the computer divide you sit on - 256bit hardware based encryption and WD's SmartWare automatic and continuous backup software is there to safeguard your data.

Three capacities will be available from launch: 320GB, 500GB and 640GB with prices ranging from $149.99 to $199.99 complete with a three year warranty. The trio of My Passport Studio drives launch immediately in the US, though we await info on UK/European pricing and availability. If I had to call it, my guess is... any, minute, now.


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