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VoiceJam Can Create Music On The Move

David Gilbert


VoiceJam Can Create Music On The Move

Artists, by their nature, can’t schedule inspiration and therefore anything that lets them capture that moment of genius is always welcome - and technology has a part to play in this. Writers can use laptops, painters have graphics tablets and now singers have VoiceJam.

The VoiceJam application, which has just been released by audio specialist TC-Helicon, provides a live performance interface allowing musicians to record, loop, and layer sound to create a complete musical composition. Once recorded the track can then be instantly uploaded to the SoundCloud platform to share over social networks or embedded into webpages. While this app won't be for everyone, we can see a lot of musicians/singers finding the ability to create songs, loops and layers very handy, especially when they are away from the studio.

Compatible only with Apple’s devices, VoiceJam uses the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch 4th generation’s built in microphone, or any Apple certified external microphone, to record and layer sound onto an evolving loop. Loops are evolved by layering new audio ideas in sync with older ideas that gradually fade away.

“I like to start by simulating bass lines, drums, and various instruments with my voice. Then I sing over top, harmonizing myself on every pass. VoiceJam draws you in and challenges you to expand your vocal capabilities, giving you the tools to create a complete musical performance on the fly, with all the dramatic structure of a fully mixed composition using nothing but your voice and the sounds around you,” said Tom Lang, TC-Helicon’s product manager.

VoiceJam has an audio narrated tutorial which provides a step-by-step guide, giving real-time interactive demonstrations of how to start jamming with VoiceJam. VoiceJam also has its own ‘performance recorder’ where everything coming into the microphone and all looping actions are recorded and saved to an exportable audio recording.

The app is available via the Apple app store here priced at £2.99.

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