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Vodafone Update Proves to be Far from Desired


Vodafone Update Proves to be Far from Desired

Vodafone has suspended rolling out a recent update for the HTC Desire, following a torrent of complaints from customers.

Earlier this week, Vodafone began to roll out a major over-the-air update for the HTC Desire, labelled ‘Android 21.-update1’. While many users expected this to be the long awaited Android 2.2 update, it turned out to install a large amount of software based on Vodafone 360 services packages, along with other changes.

These include a new splash screen, a portal to Vodafone’s My Web service, access to Vodafone’s music store and a number of shortcuts on the home screen. Also included were bookmarks for various dating web sites, which many users found inappropriate.

Users immediately began to complain on Vodafone’s forums about the unwanted changes.

“Can someone from Vodafone please explain to your paying customers why you are able to get an update out the door full of branding and unwanted Vodafone applications when you know full well all anyone wants is Froyo, and the absolute last thing anyone wants is misguided Vodafone rubbish that we cannot remove?” wrote forum user edesignuk.

Vodafone customer rhintintin followed up with the comment, “+1”, while Allan87 asked, “Can VF please advise if and how we can remove this crapware, I feel you've just ruined my Desire with software I neither need or want.”

Meanwhile, customers on Vodafone are still waiting for the actual Froyo update, which is already being enjoyed by those who purchased the HTC Desire without a network subsidy.

Vodafone has not said if and when it intends to resume the Vodafone 360 update but hinted that Froyo isn’t too far off. “In the mean time we are continuing to work with HTC and Google to deliver the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update to Vodafone HTC Desire customers as soon as possible," a spokesman for Vodafone told ZDNet UK.

Link: Vodafone forum.

UPDATE 10/08/10

Vodafone has "listened to feedback from customers" (including some pretty peeved TR readers) and has revised their plans, as posted in the Vodafone Support forums:

"The Android 2.2 update for Vodafone HTC Desire users will be based on the HTC open market version of the software and we will customise it to ensure our network settings are installed.

For customers who have downloaded the recent 360 update for Android 2.1, we can confirm that the Android 2.2 update will remove the 360 applications and will leave the homepage and bookmarks on your current settings.

Customers who want to access the 360 services will be able to do so once the Android 2.2 compatible version is available and, in the meantime, can now download apps like 360 People from the Android Marketplace.

We plan to make the 360 apps available in a separate update for the HTC Desire at a later date, giving customers the choice to download it.

We will let you know when the date for delivery of the Android 2.2 update is finalised, but, subject to testing, we expect this to be in 7-10 days time."

Whatever your thoughts are on their original infraction, credit where credit is due: not every company would be prepared to perform a u-turn like this. Power to the people!

Via Eurodroid

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