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Vodafone Reduces Roaming Charges

David Gilbert


Vodafone Reduces Roaming Charges

No stranger to bold pricing cuts, Vodafone UK, from today, has slashed its data roaming costs in a move that will surely see competitors follow suit and could result in a huge decrease in cost for mobile users who travel abroad regularly.

While there is a pay-as-you-go plan available, this move will be aimed squarely at regular travellers and business customers. For £10-a-month extra customers will be able to use up to 25MB of data per day in selected countries across Europe. Pay-as-you-go customers will be able to access the same 25MB on a rate of £2 per day. Considering those not signed up for the scheme will be paying £1 per MB in Europe and £3 per MB in the rest of the world, this really seems like a no-brainer.

In an even more impressive boost, consumer customers on contract price plans of £40 and above who are already benefiting from 5MB-a-day to use in Europe will automatically have their allowance increased to 25MB. Business customers on selected price plans will also benefit from the allowance, and can check out more details here.

It's all well and good talking about 25MB of data a day but is that remotely enough to allow you to do what you need to do on a daily basis? In real terms 25MB of data will allow you to read and reply to 250 emails or access Facebook 500 times or watch 25 minutes of YouTube or download 65 maps. So you can judge for yourselves if this will be enough for your needs.

The 25MB allowance, as can be seen in the map, is available in the following countries: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, France, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Greece and Portugal. In the countries where the 25MB allowance is not available Vodafone customers will get an allowance of 5MB per day on this plan.

While using the service Vodafone will send you free texts to alert you when you’re approaching the end of your data limit. And once you have used your allowance you’ll pay the standard data rates for anything used beyond that.

So Vodafone has laid down the gauntlet for the other mobile providers to follow and we will have to wait and see if this could signal a serious reduction in roaming charges across the board.

Source Vodafone

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