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Vodafone Services Disrupted

David Gilbert


Vodafone Services Disrupted

Some Vodafone users in the UK, woke up this morning to find they had no coverage whatsoever and it transpired that a break-in at one of its facilities caused the problem.

All voice, text and internet coverage for the affected Vodafone customers disappeared at some stage this morning and Vodafone has since confirmed the issue resulted from a break-in at its facility in Basingstoke. “We had a break in last night at one of our technical facilities which resulted in damage done to some of our equipment. This means that some customers may be experiencing temporary loss of voice, sms and internet services. We are working quickly to restore these and will be back to normal as soon as we can,” a Vodafone forum administrator stated.

Vodafone has also pointed out that despite the security breach there has been no impact on the privacy of customers' data. Vodafone is not stating how many customers have been affected by the breach but it is believed a substantial number are still without any service. The reason behind the break-in is also still a mystery though it seems purely like an act of vandalism or motivated by malicious motives – a disgruntled customer who has been overcharged perhaps?

If you have had any issues this morning, let us know in the comments and we’ll let you know as soon as we do when the service is likely to be restored.

Source: Vodafone

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