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Vodafone Launches Music Download Store

Gordon Kelly


Vodafone Launches Music Download Store

'Vodafone Music' has been bouncing around for what seems like an eternity on the network's Live handsets but now the online shop is finally out the door...

Available already on *deep breath* the Sony Ericsson W910, W890 ,W880, W850, V640, V630, K850, K800, K770, K610 and Nokia N73 the new site allows customers to also preview and purchase tracks from their PCs (shock + horror).

Searches can be conducted via artist, album or genre and pricing is a disappointing 99p per track with a slightly more reasonable £7.99 per album. Naturally MusicStation isn't going to be best pleased at this development and the site itself (powered by RealNetworks) feels like something from the Stone Age with full support only for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 browsers and a convoluted sign-up and sign in process.

In fact the whole effort smacks of a 'me-too effort' right now given O2 is primed to make its own move into the online music store market in the near future.

I suspect iTunes, 7Digital, heck even Woolworths (let alone the impending Amazon MP3 UK won't be losing much sleep over this...


Vodafone Music


May 25, 2011, 2:45 pm

I dont know from where you got this information , but music store is supported for Android, Symbian and RIm clients , on the mobile , and for Firefox , Chrome , IE 7, 8, Safary, and PC client for Windows and MAC, and about prices, is up to country where you are but there are subscription you can get a very good deal, i dont understand why you post this fals information on a website that i think nobody read after all , one of the reson is that in the signup prosses i had many errors

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