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Vodafone Launches 4GB 'USB Stick Pro' Dongle

Gordon Kelly


Vodafone Launches 4GB 'USB Stick Pro' Dongle

While the mobile broadband market has seen plenty of improvement in its pricing, the actual dongles offered by the telcos have remained largely uninspiring - until now...

Causing some relief for those still gutted that the Sony Ericsson GPS & microSD dongle never saw the light of day on a major network is Vodafone which is launching the 'USB Stick Pro'.

Taking a couple of cues from SE's anonymous model, the USB Stick Pro is HSDPA (up to 7.2Mbit) and HSUPA (uploading up to 2Mbit) compatible and comes with a space saving retractable USB connector and integrated 4GB microSD card meaning it can act as your memory key as well. Happy?

Yep, so is Vodafone which is celebrating the USB Stick Pro's arrival with a limited time deal which will see it offer a mobile broadband 3GB per month plan for just £10pm for the first three months of a two year deal - a £5pm saving over its standard price. Likewise the £20pm 5GB per month package will be cut to £15pm under the same terms. You'll get the USB Stick Pro free on all 24 and 18 month 5GB per month plans while it will cost just £29pm on all 12 month plans and £49 on rolling 30 day deals.

Beginning of the end of standalone memory keys? Maybe not, but this certainly hasn't extended their life expectancy...


Vodafone Dongles Product Page


November 4, 2008, 7:01 pm

Price correction - it's actually save 1/3 for the first 3 months, so the 3GB 24 month deal at &#16315 a month (inc VAT) drops to &#16310, while the 5GB 24 month deal falls from &#16325 to &#16316.66


November 4, 2008, 9:42 pm

I'm still not sure about getting mobile broadband, even though the Dell/Vodafone Netbook deal looks tasty. A 2 year sign-up would mean 3G web prices would be significantly lower at the end of those 2 years, so I still see the deal as an option to business types or the rich.

Additionally, the silly-sized T-Mobile data cap for the G1 is a mighty dirty smear across the idea of mobile web. At least O2 gave unlimited usage to iphone users.

If someone releases mobile web rolled up into a package that gives a little freedom on usage on a relatively free device like an Android handset or a netbook, I'd pick it up and run with it tomorrow.

I can dream... :)


November 4, 2008, 10:07 pm

Kinda a good idea, but at the same time not.

Lose 4gb of data and your modem in one small package. Brilliant!

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