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Vodafone Details BlackBerry Storm Price Plans

Gordon Kelly


Vodafone Details BlackBerry Storm Price Plans

So no time to waste, we all know what the BlackBerry Storm is, but how much will it cost...?

Vodafone finally rolled out its price plans for RIM exclusive so with a rather mind boggling 26 potential tariffs let's cut to the chase. Broadly fitting into 12, 18 and 24 month contracts groups, you'll not be a happy camper with anything on a year long deal with Vodafone surprisingly pricing the Storm at £300 whether your bill be £25pm or £80pm so detailing the minute, text and data plans seems somewhat pointless.

Far more encouraging however are the 18 month long deals with any contract of £40pm or more landing you the handset for free. These break downs are £40, £45, £55 and £80 for unlimited texts and data plus 600, 900, 1500 and 3000 minutes respectably. These are clearly the iPhone 3G tariffs equivalent and while they don't quite match O2's £35pm (600 minutes) and £40pm (1200 minute) deals (there's also no WiFi hotspots, of course), the subsidies are better. Sadly anything other than these four price brackets and you'll once more be landed with a bill of £300 for the handset. Harsh.

Lastly we have the big momma: a 24 month contract. Here £35pm (600 mins, unlimited texts and data or 700 minutes, unlimited data and 250 texts) and £40pm (900 mins, unlimited texts and data) deals will get you the handset free and greater minutes. Then again, £25pm or £30 and - you guessed it - the handset costs £300.

Essentially then these plans aren't quite as generous as we might have hoped and certainly give the T-Mobile G1, Touch HD and iPhone 3G an edge. On the other hand, keep to the deals Vodafone clearly wants you to go for (ie, not the £300 handset ones) and there's not really that much to choose between them.

So anyone feeling any clearer about their next handset choice? Nope, me neither...

Update: The launch has been put off until 14 November, but Vodafone appeases us with news there will be "plentiful stock" on launch day. Win some, lose some.


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Price Plans

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