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Vista Successor Renamed

Gordon Kelly


Vista Successor Renamed

While many of us are still new to the instabilities quirks of Vista, Microsoft is pushing ahead with its next bug ridden operating system...

Latest news is that 'Vienna' has had a name change, long gone is the Austrian capital to be replaced with the rather more literal '7' along with a (woefully optimistic?) three year anticipated development time.

No secret sources or web rumours were required to gather these details this time: Microsoft disclosed the details at a sales team meeting in Orlando – part of its new Apple-esque open door policy of keeping customers up to date with releases (I'm guessing the six year wait for Vista gnarled a few people).

Of course the interesting aspect here is the timeframe – three years isn't OTT for a new OS and speculation has already mounted that this is partly because the company is looking at it as a stop-gap to restore the far more ambitious elements it originally had in mind for Vista before gross deadline overstepping caused most of them to be ripped out.

Personally speaking, while all this talk of a prompt follow up to Vista is welcome (extremely welcome, in fact) – I'd rather Microsoft was being a little more open door about another piece of (far more urgently required) software: Vista Service Pack 1...

(My, that was a lot of brackets)


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