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Vista SP1 RC1 & Office 2007 SP1 Released

Gordon Kelly


Vista SP1 RC1 & Office 2007 SP1 Released

We'll not beat around the Bush too much on this one (or get side tracked by using the oh-so-tempting chance this phrase provides to make sarcastic comments about US foreign policy), we'll just get on with it...

Two of the biggest software patches in the world have been publically released today: Windows Vista's Service Pack One Release Candidate One (SP1 RC1) and Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack One.

Resisting the urge to once more go over the rash of updates, fixes and patches provided by both packages (the urge wasn't that strong in all honesty) I'll instead paraphrase by saying you 'need' Office 2007 SP1 and if you don't mind installing a virtually-but-not-completely-final Vista SP1 then you should heartily gorge on that WGA neutering download too.

Both SP1's work with all the (numerous) editions of each product and while Microsoft cautions users that the final version of Vista SP1 will not arrive until next year, an en-mass public release confirms it is mighty confident in the build it has now.

So if you're suffering from flaky Vista and/or flaky Office 2007 performance - and let's face it, who isn't? - stop reading this and click on the links below...


Vista SP1 RC1

Office 2007 SP1

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