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Vista SP1 RC Arrives Next Week

Gordon Kelly


Vista SP1 RC Arrives Next Week

Yes, I've already made the joke in the summary but Vista's first Service Pack really can't come soon enough...

Consequently, it is with great relief that I bring you news Microsoft will release its first official SP1 Release Candidate next week via the company's 'Download Center'.

Immediate end-user benefits are reportedly largely under the hood, but we can expect to see improved laptop battery life, faster networking and better wake up from standby times. Importantly, 'Windows Genuine Advantage', the irritating and often incorrect system detector for illegal copies of Vista will have its powers reduced. Under SP1 WGA will still notify an end user that it suspects an OS is counterfeit but it will now stop short of disabling the system.

On top of this a vast array of glitches are said to have been ironed out covering everything from the infamous and excruciating "Calculating time remaining..." bug to security patches and compatibility improvements. As for an official release - more commonly known as the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) edition - you'll have to wait until early Q1 next year... so don't!

Interestingly, Microsoft also has plans afoot to release an official Service Pack for Office 2007. This will appear on 11 December and - fingers' crossed - will do something to improve Outlook's major problems with large pst files.

So Chrimbo could bring us stable, optimised versions of Vista and Office. Something we should have received shortly after Chrimbo 2006.

Ho hum. Or should that be: Ho Ho Ho...


Microsoft Download Centre Watch this space...

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