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Vista & Office 2007 Packaging Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Vista & Office 2007 Packaging Unveiled

Like the text that surrounds a playboy spread little of what I say here will be noticed as you all scroll down for the curvaceous piccies, so without further ado…

For the record Amazon is now listing the official release date for all Vista editions as 2 February while Office 2007 is still described as ‘Estimated to be available early in 2007’.

In related news the final version of Windows Media Player 11 is now available. After a nigh endless beta period all users can now enjoy a redesigned interface, extensive media cataloguing and a tight integration with Microsoft’s URGE online music store. First impressions are it’s looking more iTunesy than ever.


Here are the other box shots in all their glory (thanks to Rob for the spot). I'm particularly liking Ultimate, but not the £325 price tag...


Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Windows Media Player 11

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