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Virtualised Chrome OS Made Available to All

Gordon Kelly


Virtualised Chrome OS Made Available to All

We have more news about Chrome OS. That should be about as surprising as learning water is wet, but it is rather good news...

For the curious/nosey a version of Chrome OS has been released that any newbie can run on their computer whether they are using Windows, Linux or Mac OS. The heavy lifting has all been done by the clever chaps at gdgt who have compiled all the code allowing it to be run using virtualisation software VMware Player/Fusion or VirtualBox.

Given the Chrome OS is virtualised this means your actual operating system will not be affected. In fact Chrome OS will be run inside it and can be opened or closed just like any other programme. Essentially it should satisfy those dying to have a play with the exciting and opinion dividing platform. Full instructions about how to get up and running are on the gdgt site.

In related and utterly predictable news Mac OS X 10.6.2, ie the latest version of Snow Leopard, which was updated to remove Intel Atom CPU support has already been hacked to have it re-enabled.

Apple's move had angered many of the so-called 'hackintosh' community as it stopped them from porting the platform to netbooks - a popular pastime as the Cupertino giant has yet to provide an entry level laptop to run OS X that doesn't break the bank.

Expect the usual cat and mouse games to now begin with Apple disabling Atom support in its next OS X update and the hackintosh crowd re-enabling it a few days later. Annoying? Probably, not as this is the kind of challenge hackers live for!


via gdgt

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