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Virgin Slashes Sky Channel Prices

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Slashes Sky Channel Prices

We said Sky's agreement to buy Virgin's channels could turn out to be a good deal for both sides - and Branson's boys are already benefitting...

Today the company has announced major savings of up to £108 per year for Virgin Media customers subscribed to Sky Sports and Sky Movies packages.

Given Virgin breaks its customers down into M+, L and XL subscribers based on the range of services they subscribe to the new prices, and notably the savings for each group, get quite complex (see tables), but these are the highlights:

  • The 'Sky Sports Collection' (Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4) has been cut to £20.50 per month - a saving of up to £42 per annum

  • The 'Sky Movies Collection' (Sky Movies 1 and 2, plus Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Premiere +1, Sky Movies Showcase and Disney Cinemagic) cut to £19.50pm - a saving of up to £84 per annum

  • The 'Sky Sports and Movies Collection' - all the above channels - for £27.50pm, a saving of up to £72 per annum
The caveats are that at present Virgin has no rights to show any of these channels in High Definition and Sky has far more movie channels than the ones offered here with Sky Movies Comedy, Family, Classics, Modern Greats, Showcase, Action & Adventure, Crime & Thriller, Drama & Romance, Sci-Fi & Horror and Indie also offered on its own service.

Then again it's hard to moan about price cuts, so let's hope this is the start of a beautiful new friendship... at least until the two broadcasters go back to wanting to kill each another...

Link: Virgin Media TV

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