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Virgin Slashes 50Mbit Broadband Price Again

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Cuts 50Mbit Broadband Price Again

The fastest just got cheaper...

In a piece of news we'd be happy to write up every week of the year, the UK's fastest ISP has announced it is cutting the price of its premium 50Mbit cable broadband service for the second time in three months.

The major benefit this time around is for customers without a Virgin phone line, which sees the monthly connection fee reduced from £38pm to £33pm as part of a three month introductory offer. At launch in December, this would have set you back £51pm. As for Virgin phone line subscribers (£11pm), they have been offered a deal to cut their 50Mbit connection to £18pm for three months. It will return to £28pm after that, a £10 drop from the original £38pm launch price.

On top of this all Virgin 50Mbit subscribers receive free installation, a free DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem (a rather swanky one at that), free wireless n router, unlimited online storage, 100 free photo prints each month and PCguard Total security antivirus, firewall and pop-up blocker software. Perhaps more importantly, however, unlike other Virgin cable broadband packages the 50Mbit deal has no maximum upload or download restrictions whatsoever (upload speeds are 1.5Mbit) and operates separately from the 2Mbit, 10Mbit and 20Mbit deals on its own dedicated DOCSIS 3.0 network.

So now we're even more tempted to join, but if you make these offers permanent Virgin then we'll really think long and hard about it...


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