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Virgin Preparing 400Mbit Cable Broadband

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Preparing 400Mbit Cable Broadband

Here's a wonderfully smug way to make your rivals know just what good shape you're in...

Virgin Media has said it will look into the potential of offering a 400Mbit cable broadband service within the next two years. Speaking to Tech Radar, Virgin Media exec director Jon James said:

"The DOCSIS 3 network really gives us a dial we can turn to give more speed to customers if we think that is the right thing to do both for those customers and commercially. We have done 50Mbps and a series of upgrades and we will continue to give Virgin Media customers free upgrades on an equipment basis because we are the speed leader and we think it's going to continue as a way we do broadband.

"We are also doing 100Mbps – launching in Q4 this year – we are trialling 200Mbps but that's a very commercial trial in the sense of working out in the real life what you can do with 200 Mbps," he continued. "We know very well we can do 200Mbps and we could do 400 Mbps. We are launching a new modem by the end of the year that will be 400 Mbps capable. And that's a vehicle for the evolution of our speed portfolio in the next two years."

Virgin hasn't been shy in promoting the huge potential of its DOCSIS 3 network with 100MBit and 200Mbit claims before and given DSL connections will be constrained by their current architecture to little more than 40Mbit it seems a wise commercial ploy.

On the flip side, there are also arguments that the vast increases in streaming audio and data are starting to cripple major broadband services, most notably mobile broadband. I'll be examining these contradictions in a feature on Monday, and you won't even be able to get a 100Mbit connection by then...

Source: TechRadar

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