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Virgin's Mobile Broadband Launches From £5pm

Gordon Kelly


Virgin's Mobile Broadband Launches From £5pm

While leaks began early about the impending Virgin Media mobile broadband offering it seems the company did manage to keep a lid on the best bit...

Yep, we're talking about price. In this recession hit (is it officially a recession yet or still a 'credit crunch'? Tomato, tomato) landscape Virgin has helpfully stepped forward to provide packages which will start from just £5pm - a new industry low.

As you might expect, the cost is contingent on already being a Virgin Media broadband subscriber but that's not unreasonable. So should you be on either the XL (20Mbit) or L (10Mbit) cable packages or ADSL 'Bundle 1' (8Mbit with 'TalkAnytime') you'll get a 1GB per month allowance for a mere fiver. Those on the cheaper M (2Mbit) cable package or ADSL 'Bundle 2' (8Mbit with 'Talk Evenings and Weekends') will get the same deal for £10pm.

One caveat is the USB modem itself will cost £25 but that's hardly an extortionate amount while the contract is for one year not the perhaps anticipated 18 months. Also excellent news is usage over the 1GB allowance is charged at just 1.46p per MB another industry low, I believe.

"Our 1GB mobile broadband is great for people who need home broadband but also want access to the internet on the move," said Graeme Oxby, Virgin Media's Managing Director for Mobile. "The bundle is exceptional value and offers complete peace of mind, not only because it comes from genuine broadband experts but also because it offers the safety net of considerably cheaper rates if customers go over the monthly data allowance."

I'd have to admit Graeme, I tend to agree...

Available from Monday, it's Game On, telcos.


Virgin Mobile Broadband


October 31, 2008, 1:13 pm

erm....the USB modem costs &#16325pm? is that a typo because that ups the subscription to &#16330pm which isn't cheap at all. ;-)


October 31, 2008, 1:16 pm

"One caveat is the USB modem itself will cost &#16325pm" Is that really per month?

Ray 2

October 31, 2008, 1:49 pm

I've just dumped Virgin Media completely and saved myself &#16350 per month and got a better broadband speed. This is good value (assuming &#16325 is a one off) but looking at the entire package it's still not good enough.


October 31, 2008, 2:30 pm

Not sure how this is a good deal; if - as Gordon mentioned in an earlier article - you can get 3-5Gb download on your mobile (which I have not head of beforeto be honest), then why not just use that with a laptop? Let alone if it's not one of the usual typos and the modem is really &#16325pm, coupled with the horrible Virgin Media broadband package...


October 31, 2008, 4:11 pm

'twas indeed a typo (now fixed) apologies guys and... well, maybe, possibly, gal?

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