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Virgin Media Preparing Online VOD Service

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Media Preparing Online VOD Service

While Sky has come in for criticism for its lack of video on demand functionality, the quality of its Sky Player online stream service is second only to the ubiquitous BBC iPlayer - and Virgin knows it.

At the IPTV World Forum, Virgin Media's executive direction of TV and online Alex Green announced: "We'll be launching {our player} this year... This will deliver a super high quality click to watch experience for our subscribers to see their favourite on demand shows online and on their mobile. We're determined to get the experience right in terms of viewing quality and usability and we're taking advantage of the way technology has developed in the past couple of years to do that."

HD will a key part of this offering Green admitted, saying it "allows us to build on our recent slew of HD TV announcements like ITV, Eurosport, Discovery, E4, Film 4 and others. We have a strong HD line-up and our onus is to offer the highest quality experience on demand on TV, online and on mobile."

Virgin didn't nail down a specific date for this service, but did say it should be available before the end of the year. It also didn't indicate the name of the service, but I would take this opportunity to point out that in this case following conventional formats may not be wise. After all 'Virgin Player' won't really draw up the associated articles you'd hope for in your average web search... neither 'Virgin on Demand', 'Virgin OD", "Virgin Extra', 'Virgin Streaming' etc, etc...


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