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Virgin Media Offers Up Budget Alcatel VM202


Virgin Media Offers Up Budget Alcatel VM202

Virgin has announced that it will be the very first in the UK to get the Alcatel VM202 – and that it will have it exclusively in ‘dazzle pink’. Consider yourself warned.

We’re not sure if the VM202 is going to cause iPhone style queues outside of Virgin Media stores, but you never know – especially as Virgin Media has described the handset as both “functional and entertaining”. Wow Virgin Media – you had us at “functional”.

The phone as you can see looks a tad old-school (well, very 2008), with a 320 x 240 screen, keypad and sliding QWERTY keyboard underneath. The press release states that this is the very first Alcatel phone to feature a MicroSD card slot, which we suppose is an achievement of some kind. Virgin will even be kind enough to furnish you with a 1GB memory card to fill it.

The phone keep up with all the latest fads, thanks to Facebook Twitter and Instant Messenger apps and Opera mini is on hand for web browsing. Other key features are an MP3 player with a nice and sensible 3.5mm jack, and FM radio, and a VGA – yes, VGA – camera.

While the phone is unlikely to set the heart of a gadget fiend all aflutter, it does cost a very reasonable £29.99 on a PAYG tariff and when bought with £10 airtime comes with 300 free texts. What more could you want? Well, maybe an iPhone.

Link: Virgin Media.

Chris Hamer

August 16, 2010, 11:23 pm

Why is it that nearly every mobile phone article an iphone is mentioned even if the phone in question is not even in the same legue. The iphone is old now, there is no wow factor anymore and looks the same as it did when it came out, maybe they employ the same people who design 911's :p Sorry for the rant i just had too.


August 16, 2010, 11:44 pm

All that for £30? whats the catch? causes thats pretty awesome

Tariq Pugh

August 18, 2010, 1:31 pm

Stop being so mean TR, at some point you are just sneering at people who can't afford smartphones! It's all well and good us sitting on our lofty tech-literate pedestals, but this phone is probably more than 95% of people will ever need. And some people like pink things. I think. Granted I think i'll stick with my Desire. In manly gunmetal grey!

@Chris - 918 Spyder though? *Swoon*

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