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Virgin Media Cutting 2,200 Staff


Virgin Media Cutting 2,200 Staff

2,200 is a big number, especially if you happen to be one of the 2,200 people Virgin Media plans to ditch from its workforce. Okay, so the cuts are planned over a four year period, but even so once completed they will mark a a 15 per cent reduction in staff numbers at the company.

The announcement probably won't surprise anyone; it's not as if we aren't all aware of the current negative financial climate. Although that's unlikely to be any comfort to those 2,200 soon-to-be-ex-employees - you're fired, but at least it's not that surprising!

Of more reassurance; the cuts aren't actually scheduled to start until Q4 next year, so there's even a chance the decision could be reversed. Virgin Media has labelled them as a critical part of a Virgin-wide overhaul to improve competitiveness.

Still, at least you can get the iPlayer on Virgin Media, right?


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