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Virgin Launches PushLife App In UK

David Gilbert


Virgin Launches PushLife App In UK

There seems to be an increasing number of apps available allowing you to sync your music library with your smartphone and Virgin has thrown its hat into the ring with the launch of PushLife.

Two weeks ago we saw doubleTwist launch the AirSync update which allowed Android users to wirelessly sync their music library to their Android device. While PushLife doesn’t offer this feature it does seem to be a nifty little app which will collate your music from all sources whether they be housed in iTunes or other music libraries.

Available free to download from Android MarketPlace and BlackBerry App world, PushLife allows you to manage your music from your PC to your handset. The app enables users to sync their iTunes and other music libraries from their PC to their mobile, and manage their playlists directly from their phone, with the ability to sync back to the PC library. The app also allows customers to share what they’re listening to through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, making enjoying music a shared experience.

In a Genius-esque feature, the PushLife app will also intuitively recommend songs based on existing tracks in the user’s library as well as pull together a whole host of extras such as artist bios and images. Customers can buy individual tracks from the Virgin Media Music Store directly through PushLife and if they’ve already subscribed to a music bundle via the store it will simply calculate how many downloadable tracks users have left so users can make the most of their service.

Jonathan Kini, director of mobile at Virgin Media said: “We’ve integrated the app with our existing mobile music store to make it simpler for customers to get the most out of the service and access music through their mobiles wherever they are.” Ray Reddy, Founder and CEO of PushLife: “We’re delighted to be working with a digital media innovator like Virgin Media. It’s the perfect partner to launch PushLife into the UK market as it continues to expand its offerings within the mobile entertainment space.”

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December 11, 2010, 2:00 am

Not in the uk until 13th :-(

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