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Virgin Gives 4Mbit Customers Free 10Mbit Upgrade

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Gives 4Mbit Customers Free 10Mbit Upgrade

There's a lot to be said for having a cable broadband connection: you get the speeds you pay for, it's self configuring and there's no faffing around with microfilters - and now it's even faster too...

In a fantastic piece of news for midrange Virgin customers, Branson's company has today announced it will be providing speed boosts for 'L' subscribers from 4Mbit to 10Mbit completely free.

As Virgin delights in telling us, a connection this fast can download a typical music track in four seconds, download an album in under one minute and download an entire TV show in around five minutes. What's not to love?

Virgin also says it is 'increasing' upload speeds to 512Kbps, but as far as I'm aware that is what it was previously. No changes have been announced to Traffic Management policies either so unless I hear otherwise, expect to see upload and download speeds capped for five hours should more than 800MB be downloaded during the peak hours of 4pm to 9pm.

Roll out is area-by-area, though a plan will be posted online soon to keep users abreast of the wheres and whens while Virgin promises all customers will be upgraded by the summer.

Existing customers can now happily sit back and wait for the boosts to arrive automatically. Everyone else, particularly those suffering from the infamous speed drop offs in DSL connections, would be wise to take a look.

As for Virgin 'XL' subscribers, don't feel left out - 50Mbit speeds are coming your way...


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