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Virgin Gaming Unveiled With $1m Annual Prize Fund

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Gaming Unveiled With $1m Annual Prize Fund

There has been a lot of talk of famed entrepreneur Richard Branson making his company's next venture into gaming and so it has proved. He beardy billionaire has announced the logically titled 'Virgin Gaming' - an online portal for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners to compete for prizes.

"Gamers want something new, something interactive and something fun. Virgin Gaming is just that, access to play the best games in super competitive tournaments with anyone in the world and win the biggest prizes and the most rewards," said Branson. "Giving away over $1 million in cash and prizes this year is proof. We've had great success with Virgin Games and Virgin Interactive Entertainment and recognized the enormous potential of an online community of 40 million daily users. I welcome gamers from novice to expert to join the online Virgin Gaming community."

To spice things up Branson has promised a $1m prize pot over the first 12 months and - if popular - this can only be expected to grow.

Of course as Branson mentions, this isn't Virgin's first foray into the gaming market, Virgin Interactive Entertainment was an important player in the sector before it was offloaded to Blockbuster for $250m in 1994 then passed on to French publisher Titus Software in 1999 before fading from view. Interestingly there is a sole offshoot of the company renamed 'Virgin Play' still operating in Spain, but it has long since been separated from the main company.

So can Branson do it again? With $1m and gaming competitions to suit all abilities, maybe...


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June 18, 2010, 12:38 pm

Ok maybe I'm behind the times and missing something here .... but when I go to the list of games on the site - there is not a single PC game up there ?

I thought the hardcore gaming crowd were still PC based ? Or maybe I'm just showing my age :(


June 19, 2010, 7:45 pm

I guess they've launched it on consoles first so they can iron out the bugs before the Pro Gamers get their hands on it.

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