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Virgin Firms Up Mobile Broadband Offering

Gordon Kelly


Virgin Firms Up Mobile Broadband Offering

We told you this was coming...

Five days after I brought you news that Virgin was to plonk itself into the mobile broadband space the company has officially outted its plans.

Virgin Media 'Mobile Broadband' (good name, catchy, to the point) will offer customers just one tariff initially but it's pretty good for non-contractaphobics: 18 months, free USB dongle, 3GB monthly data allowance at a cost of £15 per month. This puts the Branson megacorp inline with Vodafone and Orange, but 3 still wins out with 5GB per month for the same price.

Virgin's £15 charge per gigabyte over your allowance is as good anything out there sadly however.

Of course the big question in all this is whether Virgin can provide a network good enough to compete with the major telcos, but given it simply surfs on the back of the T-Mobile infrastructure that probably answers your queries (both good and bad).

Interestingly, Virgin will give all XL home broadband subscribers their first three months of mobile broadband access free - which may just sway a few.

So, IKEA next...


Virgin Media


October 1, 2008, 3:17 pm

Great to see Virgin have released their Mobile Broadband offer. I was hoping the would release a Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband like they have in Australia. Oh well, maybe it will be coming soon.




October 2, 2008, 1:42 am

im an XL customer and have heard nothing!!!!


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