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Virgin Adds Sky Arts To Line-Up

David Gilbert


Virgin Adds Sky Arts HD To Line-Up

We like a bit of culture every now and then, and if we can get it in high definition then all the better – so Virgin Media's announcement that Sky Arts 1 HD and 2 HD is soon to join its stable of HD channels.

From 26 April, Virgin Media customers will be able to "engage with the some of the best culturally stimulating programming available in spectacular high-definition" - we can feel out intelligence growing already. Among the wide-ranging content available on the channels will be operas, rock concerts, ballet, books, theatre and photography. Programmes including Songbook, The Book Show, In Confidence, Rock and Roll Exposed and Sky Arts Cinema with Mike Figgis will all be available, but only to customers who are signed up to the XL TV package.

The addition of these two channels will bring to a total of 30 the HD channels available on Virgin, 19 of which are available as part of the regular TV packages. Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said: All of our XL TV customers, including those enjoying our new TV service powered by TiVo, will be able to watch these great Sky channels in stunning HD. The channel numbers are yet to be confirmed.

Hopefully we will soon all be engaging in meaningful discussions regarding the intricacies of the latest performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Source: Virgin Media

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