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ViewSonic touts CULV ViewBook Line with 12 Hour Battery Life

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You remember how the locked down netbook spec of Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD and Windows XP meant just about everyone started making them? Well, the same seems to be happening now with CULV machines...

Viewsonic, traditionally associated with display technology, is the latest company to hop aboard this not-quite-a-netbook-not-quite-a-laptop category with the announcement of a new 'ViewBook' series. Available in 12.1in, 13.3in and 14in sizes, plus a 13.3in 'ViewBook Pro' – the line all combine Intel's CULV processors with LED backlit 16:9 displays, HDMI and wireless connectivity. You'll also find staples like a card reader and Windows 7 pre-installed.

Where they do potentially offer difference however is in terms of battery life with ViewSonic claiming all models can manage up to eight hours on a single charge. On top of this the ViewBook Pro (pictured, with predictably MacBook Pro-esque styling) has a hot swappable DVD drive which can take a second battery and last up to a whopping 12 hours. Another welcome decision is that of a more practical anti-glare, matt screen finish – something we've been crying out for manufacturers to adopt.

The ViewBook range goes on sale immediately with the 12in ('120'), 13.3in ('130'), 14in ('140') and Pro starting from £469, £499, £629 and £699 respectively. Are they enough to stand-out in this sardine packed sector? Perhaps...

ViewBook Product Page (new models yet to go live)

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