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ViewSonic Enters eBook Market

Gordon Kelly


ViewSonic Enters eBook Market

ViewSonic may not have entirely shed its image as a display specialist in the eyes of the public, but the company has certainly expanded its product ranges dramatically in recent months launching netbooks, digital picture frames and even smartphones and now it's going after eBook readers.

The 'VEB620' and 'VEB625' are a pair of 6in visually identical models available in black or white which sport 800 x 600 pixel, 16-level grey scale E-Ink displays and 2GB of internal storage plus an SD card card.

Neither have much to differentiate itself from other readers on the market - or each other for that matter (the VEB625 has WiFi, the VEB620 doesn't) - but there is support for the ePub standard along with fb2, html, pdf, txt and rtf. They also manage MP3 music playback and come with 3.5mm headphone jacks and a single 0.5W speaker. Meanwhile battery life is good for 6,500 page turns.

A 'G-Sensor' (read: accelerometer) also automatically detects whether to display text in portrait or landscape modes and users can search for specific text using a virtual keyboard or switch font sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL) for easier reading. At 220g (VED620) and 258g (VED625) both are fairly light and their 188 x 125mm footprints and 10.9mm (VED620) and 9.9mm (VED625) depths make them extremely portable.

At £205 and £175 (you can guess which is which) there are cheaper models, though I can't help but think we'll find heavy discounts online before too long. Besides, anything which helps boost competition in the (still too expensive) eBook sector is helpful during the sector's still fledging steps.

Then again, perhaps you're all just going to buy iPads...?


VED620 Product Page

VED625 Product Page

Charm El Snake

April 12, 2010, 12:02 pm

You seem to be damning with faint praise. Surely any reader that supports ePub standard should be lauded (I don't care how nice the hardware is, I refuse to be locked into a proprietary format like with the Kindle).

Maybe manufacturers should consider a dual screen device, with one side being an e-ink screen and the other LCD/OLED/etc. Simple protective covers would prevent fingerprint and damage to the side not in use, and we would have an immensily useable machine: all the power-saving advantages of an e-reader, or all the rich interface of an iPad, yet using a single CPU, battery and memory.

Hmmm... Maybe I should have patented that idea before writing this comment.


April 12, 2010, 5:04 pm

@Charm El Snake - Barnes & Noble already have a dual screen eReader out there, called the Nook?


Admitably its not the full screen version you are describing, but personally this is my favourite eReader layout as the dual screens would allow a lot of functionality without apparenlty adversly affecting battery life

Charm El Snake

April 12, 2010, 6:01 pm

Stelph - thanks, I remember seeing the Nook, but the colour display is only big enough to see a picture of book covers. I want a nice big colour touch-sensitive screen with proper notebook-like functionality which could be turned off when it's being used as an ebook.

What - carry two bottles into the shower? I'm now going to sit tight and wait for someone to invent my dual-screen device. If they add an in-built webcam, gps and 3g, then it potentially allow me to replace lots of my gadgets with just one.

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