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ViewSonic Announces 'Try For Free' ViewPad 7 Offer

David Gilbert


ViewSonic Announces 'Try For Free' ViewPad 7 Offer

Trying to get noticed in the Android tablet market at the moment is pretty difficult, especially if you’re not one of the prestige manufacturers. So ViewSonic has come up with a novel way to try and generate some interest in its ViewPad 7 tablet – by letting you try it out for free.

That’s right, you can head down to a ViewSonic authorised retailer today, pick up a ViewPad 7 and if you decide a few weeks later that you don’t like it - for whatever reason - then send it back and ViewSonic will give you your money back - and even pay for the postage. Of course ViewSonic is hoping that the vast majority of people taking up this offer will fall in love with the 7in Android tablet and never want to let it go. ViewSonic says that rapid rise of popularity of tablets has left many people in the dark regarding their uses and so this ‘Try For Free’ offer gives them a chance to see what the fuss is all about.

“There are many people that have heard about the new Tablet trend but for various reasons have not yet dived in. Working with Google, we want people to have a good first Tablet experience, risk free,” said James Coulson, European marketing manager, ViewSonic. When we reviewed the ViewPad 7 back in November last year, we were not convinced by the device especially its slow 600MHz processor, unresponsive low-resolution screen and uncomfortable shape. However we also know that despite the razzmatazz surrounding the iPad 2 UK launch last Friday, a lot of people have never used a tablet and would like to find out exactly what they do – which is where ViewSonic comes in.

The deal states that should you want to return the tablet, you need to fill out a Request to Return form up to 20 days after you bought the device. The device then needs to be sent back to Viewsonic within 30 days of purchase with the receipt/invoice as well as all the original packaging. If the product is not with all original packaging or not in what ViewSonic calls "barely-used condition", deductions will be made from your refund. Your refund will be made, along with up to £10 towards postage, within 30 days of your claim.

While the tablet cost a whopping 400 when we reviewed it last November, it can now be got online for the more reasonable price of £290. This is still quite a lot of money but the fact you have the safety net of the ‘Try for Free’ offer, it could tempt some to give this tablet a try.

Source: ViewSonic

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