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Valve Confirms Steam on Mac Release Date

Gordon Kelly


Valve Confirms Steam on Mac Release Date

While contention and antitrust threats rage over Apple's App Store policies one thing it has done is re-energise the Cupertino-based company's passion for gaming. And this should help even more...

Following its formal confirmation last month that Steam is being launched on Macs, developer Valve has wasted no time in revealing it will launch on 12 May - just eight days time. The Mac OS X Steam client has been in private beta testing up until now, so clearly things have been going well.

A new record-short press release from the company simply said: "Valve today announced the public release of Steam for the Mac is May 12. Please stay tuned for more information." Well it's to the point.

Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal and the Half-Life series are all expected to be ready in time for the service's launch and given the relatively light hardware requirements of all these titles Macs' lack of high end gaming cards shouldn't prove problematic. That said can we expect Apple to now launch dedicated Mac gaming machines? If Valve can help games take off on Mac OS X like apps have for iPhone OS then it seems inevitable.

So Valve, now you've got this out the way can we please have Half Life 2 Episode 3 already?!


Via CNet

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