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Valve Bringing Steam to Mac & iPhone

Gordon Kelly


Valve Bringing Steam to Mac & iPhone

It is one of the great misnomers of the "I'm a Mac" ads that Apple computers are somehow more 'fun' than PCs given that they have virtually no gaming support. Thankfully Valve looks about to change that...

Issuing a teaser which leaves no-one in any doubt as to their intentions, the gaming maestro has shown off some comical Apple-inspired takes on its Half Life, Team Fortress and Left For Dead titles. This following industry rumours that Valve is currently developing an Apple-compatible port of its Steam game distribution service.

An official response/confirmation on this is expected to come at the 2010 Game Developers Conference where Valve is accepting a 'Pioneer Award' - and that seems apt given the context.

Of course the counterpoint is, while Apple has (relatively) recently embraced Intel processors and Nvidia GPUs its systems certainly don't pack the power of a traditional PC gaming rig. Consequently either Valve will be scaling down its key titles (admittedly the majority aren't overly taxing these days) or it could coincide with a major push from Apple into the gaming space.

Furthermore, talk has also begun of bringing Valve content to the iPhone and given the success of gaming on the handset it may just have whetted Apple's appetite for more.

In related news Apple has picked up where it left off banning adult themed apps, by removing all WiFi detecting apps without warning from the App Store. No explanation or apology has been issued other than they violated the "private framework", an excuse which seems odd given Apple's own WiFi detector does much the same thing.

Anyone else you'd care to alienate Apple? I'd suggest the dictionary apps for containing rude words, but Apple has already beaten me to that and awarded them all an adult certificate...


Valve Images via Kotaku

WiFi detector removal via The Register

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