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VLC Ported to iPad, iPhone App In Development

Andy Vandervell


VLC Ported to iPad, iPhone App Coming

A common complaint made of the iPad, iPhone - Apple products in general really - is their selective file format support. Nowhere is this more frustrating than with video, since converting video into compatible formats is a long and tedious task. Relief looks close at hand, however, as French app developer Applidium has ported the well-known, highly versatile video player VLC to the iPad.

Applidium's version, which has been submitted to Apple for approval, will be available for free pending that approval. It promises the kind of format support VLC is famed for, though there's no word on exactly how complete a port it is.

Were this not enough, Applidium confirmed on its Twitter feed that an iPhone version is also in development. The firm is confident that the iPad app should gain approval by next week, but if you can't wait that long then it will be giving away advanced copies to five randomly drawn Twitter followers on Sunday.

Via: The Next Web and Applidium

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