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Upgraded Flip MinoHD Announced

Gordon Kelly


Upgraded Flip MinoHD Announced

'Premium' isn't a word we'd usually associate with budget pocket camcorders, but Flip Video has unveiled a new flagship for its 'Mino' line.

An upgraded 'premium' version of the MinoHD has been spat out today and while it looks reasonably familiar Flip has cleaned up the design and upped a few choice internals. On the superficial side this means the choice of a new sleek aluminium shell or a personalised shell which can be nabbed from Flip's website.

As for the internals, the major bullet points are a bolstered 8GB of internal memory - handy given its 720p High Def video shooting credentials, a slightly enlarged 2in display and the very welcome addition of an HDMI port. On the other hand much needed (in my opinion) image stabilisation has been left out, though you will find upgraded FlipShare software that adds a 'Magic Movie' option for automatic trimming and editing (how could that possibly go wrong?!). As usual the simple wizards for Facebook, MySpace and YouTube uploading remain.

So all in all not a revolution, but given Flip is pricing the MinoHD premium in the US at just $30 more than the original MinoHD ($229 verses $199) it seems a justifiable outlay - if not a worthwhile upgrade for existing MinoHD owners.


via Engadget

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