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Universal Merging BD Live, iPhone


Universal Merging BD Live, iPhone

Quite how Universal is the first Blu-ray distributor to consider integrating BD Live with Apple's iPhone and iPod touch is beyond me. Don't even try and persuade me this isn't exactly the kind of useless-but-cool feature that should appeal to both camps. After all, who doesn't want to control their Blu-ray player with their mobile phone?

Kicking of with Fast & Furious (a truly awful film, alas) iPhone/iPod touch owners will be able to control cars in a 'Virtual Car Garage' which doesn't strike me as all that thrilling. Later on in the year, however, is when the good stuff comes with remote control of films promised as well as access to bonus video content on discs for downloading and updating of social networking sites like Twitter with information about films being watched.

It's all a little bit gimmicky, but some of the features could be pretty useful. Certainly I've found myself looking up info on Wikipedia and IMDB while watching films before, so having similar data provided 'officially' (so to speak) can't hurt.

This integration will be provided through an application on the App store, though quite how it will work is still a bit of a mystery. Presumably discs will have to come with a passcode of some sort to enable the Universal Blu-ray app access as there's no simpler way to make interface between an iPhone iPod touch and a Blu-ray player - at least not that I can think of.


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