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Universal Details Blu-ray Release Schedule


Universal Details Blu-ray Release Schedule

While there is an argument to be made that no format war at all would have been preferable, it's nice to see that in the aftermath (so to speak) everyone involved is moving on. Take Universal for example; previously HD DVD's biggest backer, before finally switching to Blu-ray, now finally announcing a schedule for actually releasing discs using that HD format.

July 22nd is the date for your diaries, whereupon the studio will re-enter the HD market with The Mummy, The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King on Blu-ray. Now personally I can think of better titles with which to make the change to Blu-ray (Serenity anyone?) but that is set to change later in the year.

By the second half of the year Universal plans to have around 40 titles currently on HD DVD also available on Blu-ray. This includes such films as American Gangster, Miami Vice and U-571. As well as converting the back catalogue, new releases such as The Incredible Hulk, HellBoy II and Wanted will also see Blu-ray distribution.

If you're still holding off buying a Blu-ray drive, your reasons for doing so are dwindling rapidly…


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