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United Keys OLED-Fitted Keyboard, Keypad Shipping


United Keys OLED-Fitted Keyboard, Keypad Shipping

You may recall the news back in January this year of United Keys manufacturing OLED keyboards in collaboration with Foxconn. Nearly a year later, boards are starting to ship with offerings to rival both the Optimus Pultius keypad and the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

That said, the United Keys boards aren't quite as temping as Art Lebedev's. The keyboard offers only nine OLED-fitted macro keys, unlike the Maximus' full-suite and the Pultius keypad has an extra six keys. Moreover, United Keys OLED buttons are monochromatic - and yellow at that.

That said, the keys are fully customisable to display images text or, I imagine, just a random mess of lit and unlit pixels. At $259.99 (£170) and $199.99 (~£130) for the keyboard and keypad respectively United Keys is at least considerable undercutting the competition. UK release information is unknown but, honestly, do any of you mind that?


United Keys.


December 12, 2008, 8:56 pm

Why can't they make a keyboard with keys with screens of eINK like on the eReaders? That would bring the cost down surely?

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