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Unique Melody Brings Custom IEMs To UK

David Gilbert


Unique Melody Brings Custom IEMs To UK

Unique Melody is a purveyor of high-end, custom-made, in-ear monitors (IEMs) and, in association with AmpCity, it is now bringing its audio goodness to the UK – but at a cost.

Unique Melody offers three different models of custom IEMs, the 3 driver-per-ear Aero, 4 driver-per-ear Mage, and their flagship model, the whopping 6 driver-per-ear Miracle. Retailing for £495, £595, and £795 respectively, Unique Melody says they offer “unrivalled sound quality at their price level.” While the pricing for these models is pretty high, in relation to the competition out there, from the likes of JH Audio and Ultimate Ears, Unique Melodies says its price point undercuts its rivals by up to 20 percent. While the IEMs have been popular among the music industry professionals, it is hoping that the ‘low’ price will attract hi-fi enthusiasts.

If you do decide to stump up the cash for one of the custom models, you will be able to chose “any colour available on earth for the faceplate, shell, and tips” of your set, along with personalised artwork completely “free of charge.” The cables are detachable so in the event of something goes wrong, replacing it is a simple issue. AmpCity are the exclusive retailer in the UK, and to order you will need to visit your local approved audiologist to get a set of impressions taken from your ears. If you order through the Amp City website, a voucher is provided so customers don’t have to pay anything up front to the audiologist.

Unique Melody are also offering a re-shelling service for your current IEMs where you can send in the earphones along with a set of impressions, and its factory will re-mould them to fit your ears perfectly. You can also add new drivers and retune them for your ears, providing a way of upgrading without having to fork out for a new set of monitors.

Obviously having custom fitted earphones will make the experience of listening to your favourite tunes better, but whether or not they will feel as if they have “disappeared” as Unique Melody claim, we’ll have to wait and see. We are currently in the process of getting our own set of custom-made IEMs made up, so stay tuned for a full review coming soon. The Unique Melody customs will be available to purchase from today from the website.

Source: Unique Melody


March 3, 2011, 9:41 pm

Now that just annoys me. I recently purchased a pair of Shure SE535s at significant expense because my otherwise serviceable SE530s were falling apart and were out of warranty. I discounted the possibility of getting them remoulded at the time because the companies who could do it were abroad, usually China (Unique Melody, actually) or the US. Now Unique Melody are operating in the UK.... Grr.

I could have put that money into turning my SE530s into a pair of custom multi-driver leviathans.


March 4, 2011, 1:55 am

I for one and looking forward to TrustedReviews taking a look at Shure's SE215. They look quite nice for the money.

Hans Gruber

March 5, 2011, 1:28 am

Very interesting. I have some custom moulds for my IEMs and whilst they certainly lose out in super tight sealing and thereby bass response they are a helluva lot more comfortable for casual daily use. Considering what seems to be a really good and thoughtful package with remoulds available etc, then these could represent pretty good value provided the sound quality was at least comparable to the best sealed IEM/earplug fitting. Count me interested. Just wish I had that kind of money to buy on impulse. :}

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