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Unified Blu-ray/HD DVD Format Slips

Gordon Kelly


Unified Blu-ray/HD DVD Format Slips

While I'm not convinced a dual format Blu-ray/HD DVD disc is really the way forward (a standard will win!) Warner seems determined to push one through, but the arrival date has just slipped...

Dubbed 'Total HD' or 'THD' (a common typo on my computer), the discs had been scheduled to arrive in the second half of this year but with Q2 just a few days away the Hollywood giant has been forced to admit it won't make this timeframe. Instead Warner is now quoting an 'early 2008' release date and maintains there is a role for a format which may only service to further confuse an already befuddled public.

Warner already sells content on standard definition, Blu-ray and HD DVD and Warner VP of Sales and Planning and Operations (that's a lot of 'ands') Dan Miron says "Our research shows that there is demand for each of those products... {Total HD means} one less SKU to sell. With high-def, we’re trying to put Blu-ray and HD DVD on the same disc. Total HD is not coming until first-quarter 2008. We will find shelf space."

Given that you haven't asked for it, here's my opinion: there's no need for Total HD. It works by making users flip the disc onto the right side for their player format (like old school vinyl records) and is likely to cause chaos as technophobes try buying and flipping opposing formats and doing all sorts of damage. It also means there is no 'safe side' to put the disc down...

So let's be frank here: Total HD is not good for the public, it's good for Warner which wants to simplify (read: save money) on its manufacturing process and is frustrated one format has yet to reign victorious. Well Warner, SO ARE WE! Just sit tight, stop meddling, let the public decide what it wants and stick to making tele and flicks. It could be all decided by 2008 anyway...

Sheesh, it's like watching a hairdresser try to perform brain surgery...


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