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Ultra-Wideband Legalised in UK

Andy Vandervell


Ultra-Wideband Legalised in UK

In a move that will no doubt delight many, UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has finally legalised the use of Ultra-Wideband wireless in the UK, as of Monday, 13th August. This comes shortly before the mandatory implementation deadline of the 21st August 2007, as required by the European Union.

Ofcom's statement on the ruling stipulates that Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology may only be used indoors, must not interfere with any existing wireless technology and that it must adhere to certain power transmission limits.

This move should hopefully accelerate the launches of both wireless HDMI and USB technologies, enabling us to move ever closer to the holy grail of the wireless home. This announcement is also timely because, as Phillips told Riyad at CES back in January, the company is planning to launch its Wireless HDMI product this Autumn, just in time for the IFA consumer electronics show.

Link: Ofcom Statement (PDF)

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