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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Scurries Into the Wild

Gordon Kelly


Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Scurries Into the Wild

Time for more adorable alliteration (see what I did there?)...

Canonical has today launched the latest edition of its popular Ubuntu platform, version 9.10 codenamed 'Karmic Koala'. It follows on from April's 'Jaunty Jackalope' and last October's 'Intrepid Ibex' (you get the idea).

Despite the 9.10 naming Koala is the tenth release of the distribution and its focus this time around is on speed and integration. Given it is the current fad, boot time is where Canonical says users will most notice the difference most though it doesn't go as far as to suggest how much proportionately quicker it will be.

More quantifiable are a revamped audio framework with the handy ability to control sound across multiple applications and better 3G broadband dongle support - a long time quibble in the package. As part of the '100 Paper Cuts' initiative organised with the Ubuntu Community, Canonical has also made over 50 fixes for user's most nominated minor annoyances. In addition, 'Ubuntu One' is now a standard part of the desktop bringing a suite of online services including backup, sync and file sharing tools and Firefox 3.5 is installed as standard.

"Ubuntu 9.10 gives users more reasons than ever to seriously consider Linux at a time when many are thinking again about their operating system options," said Canonical COO Jane Silber. "We are delivering a platform for users interested in an easy-to-use, great-looking, web-friendly operating system. A faster, more beautiful boot and login sequence, file and contact synchronisation through online services and great experiences on the most popular notebook, desktop and netbook models continue to drive Ubuntu into the mainstream of computing choices."

Endorsement for Ubuntu amongst the Linux community is generally widespread (despite their infamous infighting) and it has some support from PC distros. Interestingly, a 'Netbook Remix' of Ubuntu will also be made available and given the platform's undeniably lightweight nature this could prove a real boon to users struggling with the performance of their Windows build.

Ubuntu 9.10 can be downloaded and - as with all Ubuntu releases - it is completely free.



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