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UMPC Maker OQO Ceases Trading

Ardjuna Seghers


UMPC Maker OQO Ceases Trading

A statement on the OQOTalk forums has confirmed the Inquirer's suspicions that one of the better known UMPC makers, OQO, has ceased operations. This means the company's mooted new device, the model 2+, will not be joining the model 01, model 01+ or model 2, the former of which entered the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest fully-powered and fully-featured personal computer back in 2006.

Unfortunately this means current OQO owners won't be able to get support or repairs on their units, making online communities and forums the most likely refuge for those who are still dedicated OQO users.

There is one spark of hope, however, with rumour having it that the engineering team might transition to an unnamed PC vendor. Here's hoping something like what model 3 might have been will yet see the light of day, albeit under a different guise.


OQOTalk forums {via Engadget}


May 23, 2009, 12:13 am

Such a shame...owned the Model 2 for a while and it was excellent, shame about the customer service of OQO though, perhaps they knew what was coming and lost the will to care..

Digital Fury

May 23, 2009, 8:53 pm

Same here, I owned a 1.6 GHz E2 with WLAN for a while before reselling it. The format was perfect, however the VIA stuff let it down. It was slow, noisy and produced a lot of heat, so like a lot of people, the motherboard failed and it went for repairs for more than a month.

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