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UK Radioplayer Launching 31 March

David Gilbert


Following some delays, it has been announced that an iPlayer–like radio aggregation site will be launching on 31 March.

Radioplayer was scheduled to launch last December but the internet radio player will now go online on 31 March. The service will initially have 150 stations available, with the hope that “within a few weeks Radioplayer aims to feature the vast majority of the UK’s radio stations – between 200-300 individual services.” The idea is a collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio stations with both financing the project equally. The idea is being implemented by Unique Interactive, and it will be a fully searchable network, with users able to look for specific programmes, musical genres and individual songs and create a 'playlist' of their favourite stations.

With streaming services such as Spotify, Grooveshark and We7 becoming increasingly popular, the accessibility of radio stations is obviously key to their survival in the online space. The service is also set to be rolled out on internet-connected TV set top boxes such as YouView – though when we are going to get to see YouView is another matter. Radioplayer is also going to be available on mobile phones in the future.

While the interface for the internet radio player seems pretty user-friendly and compact, whether people will use it is another question. When people can listen to music of their choice for free (with ads) on the likes of Spotify, Radioplayer could be launching a few years too late to make a real impact.

Source: Radioplayer

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