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UK Getting Intel Classmate PCs


UK Getting Intel Classmate PCs

Intel's Classmate PC was originally intended for distribution to developing countries. The third generation netbook-esque tablet system, though, is set to be made available to the UK in February. Intel will be selling the Classmate not only to individual consumers, but also educational establishments.

Intel reckons that although not specifically designed with use by young children in developed countries, the Classmate is still well suited to the UK market. Gordon Graylish, deputy general manger of Intel Europe, commenting: "It doesn't matter whether the children are in Mali, Vietnam, France or the US. The research we did across both the developing and the developed world showed that human beings are actually quite similar, with similar needs, particularly if they are five years old."

Intel cites a change in the level of interest of governments in purchasing Classmate-type systems as a contributing factor to Intel's decision to bring the Classmate to developed countries, such as the UK. Graylish explaining that "Two years ago there was not a lot of interest from mature markets, but that has changed and governments are saying they need to do something to combat social deprivation." He also said that "It is encouraging that the UK government has publicly committed itself to driving higher standards and better outcomes for children by breaking down barriers to achievement and tackling the link between deprivation and low educational attainment."

Amazon and Argos are currently signed up to sell the Classmate in the UK, at a cost of £359. Intel will be making systems available to schools at a reduced cost of £260 a unit.


January 15, 2009, 6:52 pm

Would be nice to see a spec on this. Side note: maybe a good editorial would be on child-proofing a netbook, software speaking?


January 18, 2009, 7:28 pm

I have just spent the last few days visiting BETT (the world&#8217s largest educational technology event - http://www.bettshow.com)and can inform you all that it's most unlikely these super machines will be selling &#163260 a unit for education; although I would so like to be proved wrong.

Hugo, if you can let me know the contact address for these at &#163260 a unit I will order today.

That aside these are super machines. Whilst at BETT I looked at all the different 'netbooks' available (including a &#16399 thin client unit) and the Intel (sold as Fizzbook in the UK)was the one that people were trying to get their hands on early.

Being able to turn the unit it into a Tablet PC with stylus make them far more versatile and enjoyable to use.

Seemed to have plenty of power and I was even able to log onto my 'www.tringme.com' acount and use my SIP settings to call my mother withoutout having to install any software.

I look forward to a full review soon.

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