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UK Android Phone Sales Surge

Andy Vandervell


UK Android Phone Sales Surge

According to figures gathered by sales analysts GfK, Android's slice of the UK mobile phone contract market grew by 10.2 per cent from Q1 2010 (3%) to Q2 2010 (13.2%), over a fourfold increase. Moreover, Android phone sales growth outstripped the market itself considerably, with the market growing by less than one per cent while Android sales grew by 350 per cent!

This certainly gives credence to the groundswell of opinion that Android is likely to dominate the smartphone market in the future, particularly as handsets like the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S have attracted so much interest. Indeed, so popular was the Desire at launch, stock was in short supply immediately afterwards.

Megan Baldcok, a GfK analyst, added: "The figures suggest an increasing number of consumers are now asking for Android handsets by name...Operating Systems are no longer simply a by-product but a key selling point in their own right."

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