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Twitter Web Page Revamped


Twitter is rolling out a refreshed web site that it said will make using the service easier, while providing a richer experience.

The new web site will provide more information than just a list of Tweets, with photos and video now embedded directly into the Twitter stream.

On the new page your @mentions, retweets, and searches will appear in tabs above your timeline stream, while the right hand side of the page will be used to provide information such as any pictures you’ve uploaded, so you don’t have to jump to another service such as TwitPic or yFrog.

It’s not the end of the line for these third-party companies though as Twitter said it had partnered with them to bring the new services to life.

The new information shown will also show you who you’ve recently followed, your favourite Tweets and Trending Topics. Clicking on Tweet now will also provide more context, such as related @replies, other Tweets by that user and even a map for Geo-tagged Tweets.

If you don’t access Twitter via its web page the changes won’t have too much affect, though at the very least third-party apps will most likely have to make changes to accommodate the integrated imaging and video services.

Many analysts suggest that the reason for the changes to make the site more sticky and thus more appealing for advertisers. Twitter has been introducing advertising to its model over the past year or so, adding Promoted Tweets back in April.

If you’ve rushed off to your account at Twitter.com and found that’s nothing’s changed then fret not, as Twitter said it will be rolling out the new look pages over the next few weeks. With 145 million users, changing the drapes takes a bit of time.

Link: New Twitter info page.

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