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Twitter Rolls Out New Functionality

Gordon Kelly


Twitter Rolls Out New Functionality

Twitter may polarise opinion more than Marmite covered Rivita but it's impossible to deny the popularity of a service with more than six million users and 1000 per cent annual growth. This is only likely to help...

Giving its ageing site design a handy refresh this week Twitter has finally rolled out integrated Search and Trends functionality. Until now Twitter Search had ludicrously been located on a separate domain (http://search.twitter.com/) and was heavily reliant on third party apps for the latter. Search will not index profiles users have decided to keep private. Another small tweak sees the 'Profile' and 'Settings' links moved under the username on the home page to make space for the new functionality.

In related news the endless array of third party Twitter add-ons shows no sign of abating with the launch today of 'Twe2' which will provide UK users with free SMS alerts to @replies and direct messages. A remarkable 100 messages per hour are allowed by the service which wipes the floor with the 250 per week offered by Twitter in the US, Canada and India.

The development should prove useful to hardcore UK Twitter users in particular who have been denied this functionality ever since Twitter pulled it over cost. On the other hand, I'd suggest those with addictions like mine might be better off giving it a rather wide birth...



39029453 49301340 00.htm Twe2 via Crave

Twe2 (Currently Under Construction)


March 7, 2009, 12:00 am

great news. having to navigate to the search page was always a pane. great to see sms alerts back too. missed it when they took them away. will save me checking cetwit every two minutes on my phone.

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