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Twitter Launches New Homepage - It Crashes

David Gilbert


Twitter Launches New Homepage - It Crashes

Last night, as we were trawling Twitter for the funniest jokes regarding Spurs capitulation at the hands of Real Madrid, we noticed that tweets from people we didn’t follow began showing up in our timeline. Knowing Twitter’s constant ability to fail at a moment’s notice, we investigated a little further.

It turns out that Twitter launched a brand new homepage yesterday evening and this #NewTwitter, as the company itself was calling it, caused the whole system to crash and it had to revert to the old homepage. The new homepage seems to indicate that Twitter is accepting the fact that a lot of people signed up to the micro-blogging site have no interest in tweeting themselves – merely wanting to get a voyeuristic look at the inner workings of celebrities’ minds. The tagline: “Follow Your Interests” has replaced the less snappy: “The best way to discover what’s new in your world.”

Well, it replaced it for a few hours at least, before the system crashed and Twitter had to revert to the old homepage. The error also caused many people to see what we had seen - tweets from people they were not following showing up in their timelines. “We’ve temporarily disabled #NewTwitter. Our engineers are working on re-enabling it and will update you shortly,” a statement from the company said. While this is not a major problem, the fact that Twitter cannot handle a planned homepage switch should be slightly worrying for the company. The new homepage is certainly more appealing to the eye, having done away with top tweets or trending topics in favour of telling new users they can get “instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favourite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.”

Twitter has around 175 million signed-up members producing around 100 million tweets a day, though these some from a minority of the members, most of whom look but don’t tweet. With reports earlier this year putting a value of $10 billion on the company, it would serve them well to improve there systems to avoid embarrassing crashes like this.

We've also just noticed that in the last few minutes, Twitter has confirmed it has suspended Trending Topics for all users. So further woe for the Twitter engineers to deal with.

We’re also still seeing the old homepage at the moment but will let you know when the new one is back up and working. Let us know what you think of the new homepage in the comments.

Source: Twitter Support

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