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Twitter Building its Own Data Centre


Twitter Building its Own Data Centre

Twitter is looking to solve its reliability issues by building its own data-centre, based in Salt-Lake City.

Twitter announced on its Engineering blog that it adds over 300,000 accounts a day to its service, and that running its own data centre will enable it to deal with this capacity growth.

“Keeping pace with these users and their Twitter activity presents some unique and complex engineering challenges… Having dedicated data centers will give us more capacity to accommodate this growth in users and activity on Twitter,” Twitter Engineer Jean Paul wrote on his blog page.

“Having our own data center will give us the flexibility to more quickly make adjustments as our infrastructure needs change”.

He also said that Twitter planned to bring additional data centres online over the next two years, which means that it’s likely that day are numbered for the ‘fail whale’.

Twitter isn’t the only one investing heavily in this area. Apple is said to be spending $1billion on a data centre project in North Carolina, which when completed it expected to be one of the largest data centres in the world. Many analysts are suggesting this is preparation for the launch of a cloud based iTunes service, which has been rumoured since Apple purchased music streaming service Lala, at the end of last year.

Hopefully, this comes to fruition sooner rather than later, as iTunes tethered client approach is seeming ever more dated in the face of services such as Spotify.

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