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TrustedReviews Joins Forces With Bit-Tech


TrustedReviews.com is pleased to announce a joint venture with fellow online technology publication Bit-Tech.net. The deal comes as a result of negotiations between Hugh Chappell – Managing Director, TrustedReviews Ltd. – and Wil Harris – Editor, Bit-Tech.net.

Following a 48 per cent acquisition of Bit-Tech by TrustedReviews, Bit Publishing Ltd. was formed as the parent company to Bit-Tech.net. Hugh Chappell will act as Managing Director of both Bit Publishing Ltd. and TrustedReviews Ltd.

Along with Chappell, Bit-Tech will enjoy the benefit of full time editorial staff for the first time. The editorial team will be headed up by Wil Harris as Editor-in-Chief, while Geoff Richards will take on the mantle of Deputy Editor, with Tim Smalley signing on as Technical Editor.

Joining Bit-Tech with TrustedReviews will leverage off the strength and success of both titles. With both websites already having strong and loyal reader bases, interest and support can only grow.

Riyad Emeran, Editor-in-Chief of TrustedReviews said “Joining forces with Bit-Tech puts us in a very strong position. We’ve got technology publishing sewn up, from the novice user looking for advice, all the way to the expert enthusiast who wants to interact with like minded tech-heads.” “I’m looking forward to working closely with Wil, and believe that together we can produce the best technology content in the world!” continued Emeran.

Hugh Chappell commented: "Bringing Bit-Tech alongside TrustedReviews gives us a solid portfolio that neither readers or the technology industry can ignore. If you want to read about the latest milestones in the tech world, TrustedReviews and Bit-Tech can provide everything you need.”

Wil Harris added “It still amazes me just how big Bit-Tech has become with the team working on it as a hobby. Now that we’ll be running it full time as a sister site to TrustedReviews, the sky is the limit!”

Riyad Emeran concluded: “TrustedReviews and Bit-Tech will remain independent publications, but there will be significant interaction between the two sites – it’s very similar to when I was editing paper magazines at publishing houses with multiple technology titles. I feel that together we can offer our readers something that they can’t get anywhere else.”

So, expect to see a few changes over the coming months as we work closely with our new sister title to bring you the best technology news and reviews on the web.

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