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TrustedReviews Drives Into Car Tech


TrustedReviews Drives Into Car Tech

Though you may not have realised it, we've been reviewing in-car technology on TrustedReviews for a fair while. It has occurred to us, however, that as great as giving you the low-down on after market satellite navigation systems and Bluetooth hands-free kits is, a lot of you won't be buying third party kit because your car will have come with it built-in. Considering the price that some manufacturers ask for adding sat-nav or iPod-connectivity to a car, it's important to find out how good these options are before ticking the boxes.

Therefore we have launched a dedicated Car Tech section. Here you'll find our take on the latest and greatest in-car technology offered by manufacturers from Audi to Zonda and everything in between. If you want to know exactly what separates a £250 TomTom and a £50 stereo from a £2,000 factory fitted sat-nav and entertainment system - if anything - then we'll have the answer.

Don't worry; this coverage won't be coming at the expense of our existing news and reviews of third party car tech. In fact, everything that's designed to be used in a car, will be neatly presented in our new Car Tech section.

Anyhow, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

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